YouTube TV Multiview Feature Arrives for Watching Multiple Streams

YouTube TV Multiview Feature Arrives for Watching Multiple Streams

YouTube TV is a popular platform that provides the best collection of videos and web series. It has launched a new feature, YouTube TV Multiview, to catch everyone’s attention and get more subscribers. But this option is for watching sports only. The company gives early access to their subscribers to experience true 4K streaming with up to 4 users at a time. There were rumors that YouTube TV has been working on this feature since last August, calling it “Mosaic Mode.” But they surprised everyone by making the announcement of the Multiview Streaming on March 14th, 2023, when viewers were getting ready for a major baseball league.  

YouTube TV Multiview Accessibility 

YouTube TV gives early access to subscribers who have signed up for the Multiview feature through email. With early access, the company will enable their subscribers to YouTube TV Multiview at once in the “Top Picks for You” section. 

NFL Sunday Ticket Games on YouTube TV

YouTube TV announced a huge deal with NFL Sunday Ticket to stream their games with Multiview Streaming. This live TV service will help the company attract more sports fans, and their subscribers can stream multiple NFL games simultaneously. Before YouTube TV’s announcement, NFL Sunday Ticket streaming was only available through DirectTV in the United States. 

How YouTube TV Multiview Feature Differs from Its Previous Mode

YouTube TV provides the Multiview feature to enhance viewers’ experience. It does not require high-end devices for Multiview streams. The company optimized its requirements by allowing subscribers to access more than one stream at a time.

Things to Expect from YouTube TV Multiview Feature

YouTube TV is testing Multiview Streaming by releasing a demo version to get feedback. This plan will help the company to upgrade its offering and will be available on the YouTube TV app as well. As the NFL football season is about to kick off this fall, YouTube TV is working hard to make this feature even better. The company plans to release the full version of Multiview Streaming online and on the YouTube TV app later this year. YouTube TV also confirmed that the Multiview feature is not new in streaming services. The company added that it is similar to the one PlayStation Vue had, which got canceled last year.

To improve the performance of Multiview Streaming, the company moved all the processing requirements to its servers; any subscriber can use this feature regardless of the internet speed and device.

Early Access Features YouTube TV Offers

YouTube TV Multiview Feature ArrivesYouTube live streaming gives users the option to watch up to four pre-selected streams at the same time. The subscribers can switch audio and captions between streams and jump in and out of the full-screen view during the game. As of March 2023, Google allows YouTube TV users to create their own Multiview feature by selecting their desired channels.  

Reason Why YouTube TV Announced the Multiview Feature

YouTube TV announced Multiview Streaming because it took a lot of work for users to set up multiple streams on high-end devices. The company stated that by using this feature, the user’s smart devices would catch more than one feed. YouTube TV Multiview service also allows users to go live together in one feed. This way, the company focuses on improving what they already have rather than creating something new from scratch.

Special Features of YouTube TV Multiview

YouTube TV’s digital platform announced YouTube TV Multiview to give subscribers what they want. Apart from this, it offers other incredible features, including:

  •  More than 100 YouTube TV channels.
  • Unlimited DVR facility.
  • Availability on all devices.
  • 4K resolution video quality.
  • Top quality user experience.

YouTube Multiview in 4K Streaming

YouTube TV offers an additional viewing option on their base plan. The company will allow users to watch live sports in 4K quality in their upcoming Multiview Streaming. 

When you subscribe to YouTube TV’s 4K Plus plan, you will receive the following benefits:

  • You can watch every content in 4K resolution.
  • You can watch unlimited streams at home.
  • You can watch DVR recordings offline for the available content (on smartphones only).

These options are also available on select add-on networks. Therefore, subscribers can easily access 4K Plus viewing if they subscribe to the add-on networks. 

YouTube Multiview on TV Devices

YouTube TV has made it clear that its Multiview Streaming will be accessible on all devices, including live TV service. With this feature, viewers can stream multiple programs at once. So, get your youtube tv screen in reasonable price by using youtube tv promo code.   


YouTube TV Multiview Streaming is perfect for streaming multiple sports matches without changing the channel. Currently, it’s only available for limited users in the United States and offers sports content at the moment. But youtube tv is constantly searching for different ideas to give a variety of content to their subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you do Multiview on YouTube TV?

On one single screen, you can view up to four live streams simultaneously. Watch your favorite YouTube TV sports and live shows simultaneously without switching channels. Currently, this feature is only available on YouTube TV for smart TVs and streaming media players.

How do I get YouTube Multiview?

On the Home tab, users will find multiview stream options within the 'Top Picks for You' section. To open a pre-selected multiview stream, users can simply click on it.

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