Wear These Colors This Summer to Beat the Heat

Wear These Colors This Summer to Beat the Heat

We’ve officially entered the heat of summer, folks!
And if you’re anything like normal people, you might be searching your endless pit of a wardrobe to find comfortable clothes – fit for the warm weather. More importantly, you’ll be panicking about how you don’t have any outfit in white. That’s because when the blazing rays of the sun hit your skin, it seems like light colors might be the safest option to avoid getting scorched.  
But what if we told you, it doesn’t have to be that way? That you can wear colors during summer that aren’t, you know, baby pink or lime green. Do you find that interesting? Well, we’ve got more things to say. 
Let’s discuss some hues you can mix into your wardrobe to beat the heat.


Here’s a color that people really dig – no, we mean literally. Historians report that in ancient times, men would dive into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea to collect mollusks (snail-like organisms) shells, which were then boiled and left in the sun to change color.
The process was exhausting but worth it, as it left them with a few drops of purple-colored pigment. It was used to create clothing for emperors, sovereigns, and monarchs.
Since then, purple – in varying shades – has been associated with wisdom, spirituality, and bravery. That’s why it’s one of the must-wear colors in summers.
Whether you’ll be spending your days in a garden or rooftop, purple is sure to bring out the best in you.


Of all the shades, yellow happens to be the least-picked option. “But it’s so bright and cheery” is often what people reply when you advise them to opt for yellow – all the more reason for you to wear it.
The world is going through tough times as it is. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could radiate joy without having to say a word?  Wearing yellow can do precisely that.
If you need more reasons, you’d be glad to know that yellow pairs well with virtually any color, like
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • White
  • Lavender
  • Black
So, forget what you’ve read about how yellow doesn’t work with pale complexions. Just remember this: “Wearing yellow is like smiling, but with your outfit.”


Okay, before you come at us with your pitchforks, hear us out. Black may be a favorite fashion color, but colorful, bold, and crispy shades take its place during warmer months. Mainly because of the notion that black absorbs more heart. 
Well, that’s nothing but a bunch of, pardon our French, hocus-pocus. Why do Bedouin people wear black robes despite living in scorching deserts if that were the case? Research suggests that while the noir color does absorb more heat, it doesn’t reach the skin. 
So, you don’t have to put this shade on your no-go list right away.  Instead, follow these tips, and you’ll be good to go:
  • Wear natural and soft fibers.
  • Pair black sunglasses with your outfit.
  • Choose a combination of black and lighter colors.
  • Select loose and ill-fitting clothes to remain fresh.
  • Accessorize your black outfit to complete the ensemble.


No, you don’t have to necessarily attend a Christmas dinner to wear red. You can do it in summer as well. In fact, since the color represents fun and excitement, it can get you in the mood to celebrate the warmer months.
Other reasons to wear this scarlet color include:
It makes you look attractive – Have you ever wondered why so many women don red dresses on their first dates? There’s a simple reason behind it: men find women wearing red more attractive than those wearing other colors. And this information is backed by science too. 
It is a powerful color – These days, red has become synonymous with the fight for equality. From the fictional concubines in The Handmaid’s Tale to the very real Theresa May, red represents women fighting their way to usurping patriarchal societies – and we’re all for it. 
It can improve your mental health – Believe it or not, red is said to possess healing properties that can contribute positively to your mental health. This is because it increases melatonin (a hormone produced by the human brain), resulting in you sleeping better at night.


“You got into Harward Law?”
“What, like it’s hard?”
It’s been two decades since one of the most defining films of the 2000s, Legally Blonde came out. But its legacy continues to grow.
In addition to having hilarious one-liners, the Resse Witherspoon-starrer movie was famous for its pink color-obsessed protagonist, Elle Woods. She proved that pink was more than just a Barbie-approved color, whether in the classroom or courtroom.
And if Elle can wear pink during hot Californian summers, so can you. 
Pair an oversized pink suit with white sneakers or a pink ruffled blouse with classic denim jeans – the world is your oyster. 
Want some more tips to keep yourself cool and calm during summer? Here ya go:
Loose Silhouettes
The key to remaining comfortable in warmer months is wearing clothing that allows as much airflow as possible. And you can only achieve it with loose outfits. So, consider wearing puff-sleeved overalls or midi skirts paired with tank tops – you’ll thank us.
Breathable Fabrics
You may not focus much on your outfit’s fabrics throughout the year, but you’ll notice the difference when sweating in the summers. That’s because some of them can trap moisture, making it difficult for air to pass through. Therefore, wear clothes made of 100% silk, linen, or cotton.
Sandals & Flipflops
Flip-flops are ideal for beach parties. Casual brunches? Not so much. But you don’t have to worry, as strappy sandals or other open-toed options can save the day. If possible, try to make them with your outfit, and you’re guaranteed to become a fashion icon.

Ready For Some Fun in The Sun?

Summer is a great time to mix and match different clothing items in different colors, as we’ve mentioned earlier. So, make use of every day and try something new. Long before you know it, winter will be here, and you’ll have to dress like a polar bear!

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