Ultimate Benefits of Green Tea You Don't Want to Miss Out

By Micheal
Ultimate Benefits of Green Tea You Don't Want to Miss Out

Green tea is consumed in Asia and touted as one of the most wholesome drinks in the world. In addition, it is known for having plenty of health benefits.
But for us, the top benefit of having green tea is in the moment itself. There is no better way of quietening your mind and connecting to the moment. Green tea serves it the best.
However, researchers are particularly interested in green tea's medicinal properties. There are countless studies that support the health benefits of consuming green tea in your daily life.
Green tea contains antioxidant components, which are a source of many health benefits. These antioxidants are called flavonoids and are known to be of 6,000 different types.
Regular consumption of green tea improves brain functionality, helps in fat loss, and protects against heart diseases and cancer.
Properties of green tea have been vastly explored over time. It is known to provide great health benefits over the ages and is an excellent beauty-enhancing agent.
For us, green tea is not merely a drink. It's a lifestyle!

Here are some popular benefits of green tea to motivate you to get started with this miraculous drink. 

Protects Heart Health

Drinking green tea regularly promotes good heart health through its richness in antioxidants. Catechin and Polyphenols are the two antioxidants that support heart health through their protective effects against cardiovascular diseases (CVD).
The Catechin antioxidants reduce the risk of heart attack and blood clot formation by enhancing blood circulation. Polyphenols, on the other hand, regulate blood sugar levels and help stabilize high blood pressure.

In addition, consuming green tea regularly aids in lowering cholesterol levels which are connected to heart disease.

Weight Loss

Green tea extracts are popular in the weight loss industry. The concentrated extract is known for its weight loss properties, as they aid people in shedding pounds faster.
So, if you are searching for a healthy weight loss hack, now is the time to include green tea in your routine. Green tea-catechins speed up metabolism, increase energy levels and improve liver function.
A high metabolism rate means your stored body fat burns faster, resulting in weight loss. It speeds up fat oxidation. Moreover, tea catechins support the liver in the breakdown of fat and boosting energy levels. It ultimately results in high endurance power and good athletic performance.
Green tea is a great weight loss ingredient if used regularly as a replacement for sodas and sugary drinks.

Cancer Prevention

Lately, green tea has been discovered as a potential cancer-fighting agent.
Consuming at least three cups of green tea regularly helps prevent cancer-causing cell mutations. The anti-cancer properties of green tea are attributable to the effective antioxidants present in the tea leaves.
 Tea catechins resist free radicals from causing oxidative stress and forming cancerous tumors. Oxidative stress is precisely a form of body rust that damages the body cells and impacts bodily functions to a great extent.
Countless studies have indicated that green tea is a preventive agent against the growth of cancers like prostate cancer and breast cancer.
Even though green tea is known for lowering cancer risk, it’s not considered an actual cancer treatment.

Supports Brain Health

Green tea is an excellent protector against various neurological diseases like Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.Many studies have indicated that green tea improves memory cells and slows memory regression.

Polyphenol present in green tea extracts is neuroprotective due to its antioxidant effect. It helps in protecting against neurodegenerative diseases and dementia.
Green tea is also effective for improving spatial cognition and increasing the brain's capacity to process information at an older age.

Regulating Sugar Levels

Green tea possesses anti-inflammatory properties that improve blood circulation through the vessels and reduce swelling in the arteries.  
Moreover, green tea helps in improving insulin sensitivity in the body by regulating blood glucose levels. Consuming green tea can be of great help to those having diabetes. This is because it aids in the production of insulin within the body.
Green tea is widely recommended by physicians to be included as a part of a balanced and low-sugar diet. However, it shouldn't be used as a replacement for any medical treatment.
Corona Virus

Apart from all the other benefits of green tea, many researchers recently explored that green tea's catechin fight coronavirus. It restricts the enzyme activity of the main coronavirus protein and suppresses the ability of the virus to replicate.
Drinking green tea regularly protects against coronavirus and other necessary measures to stay safe from it. Besides health benefits, green tea is a great beauty enhancer. Here are a few ways to use green tea to enhance your appearance.

Face Wash

Green tea face scrub or simple face wash can be used to cleanse your face. The antioxidant agents in green tea help protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. In addition to this, it also soothes the skin by reducing inflammation.
Green tea as a face wash or scrub can create refreshed, radiant-looking skin.

Hair Mask

The antioxidants present in green tea have got some multifunctional properties. It can also be used to fix your hair issues.

Repairing damaged hair and promoting hair growth is another benefit served by green tea.
A green tea hair mask can protect your hair from chemical and environmental pollutants. Continuous use of a green tea hair mask can give you the desired shiny and lustrous hair in no time.

Eye Cream

The caffeine in green tea helps reduce the dark circles and puffiness. Besides that, it’s an excellent component that tightens the skin around the eye area and enhances the skin's overall appearance.

Hair Removal Wax

Green tea hair removal wax is an all-natural and safe way to remove unwanted hair from the body. Furthermore, the caffeine in green tea helps in soothing skin and controlling skin inflammation. It also helps in preventing ingrown hairs.

Bottom Line

We won't be understating it if we say green tea is a magical ingredient we are blessed with. It has numerous health and beauty benefits.

A single cup of green tea can give astounding benefits and boost your overall health. Not only this, it is equally a great beauty booster that leaves its incredible effects if used regularly in your beauty routine.

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