No-Make-Up Trends For This Summer

By Sharon
No-Make-Up Trends For This Summer

Each year's season has its charm and a different way of seeping into our beauty routines, even though summer is the most liked season and brings along the energy to sparkle in a vibrant way.

But these hot glaring sun beams can ruin your appearance and breath-taking makeover. 

During summers, our skin tends to get slightly more sensitive than usual. As a result, it gets oily with the application of cosmetics and beauty products. Therefore, it is necessary to take extra care of your skin when applying makeup to your face.

After all, you have to keep the freshness of your face alive while keeping up with the latest fashion trends and styles.

 Whether you are being your own makeup stylist or visiting a salon for a makeover, you have to keep it natural, soft, and light.

Summer is all about embracing your natural skin, playing with your makeup, and having fun without melting your look in the heat.

Makeup trends in summer shift from full coverage foundations to weightless tint moisturizers, highlighters placed carefully on the cheekbones to an all-over dewy appearance. However, putting on heavy makeup may haunt us as we might have open pores, dark skin patches, and acne.

The tip is to keep it simple and light. 

10 No-make-up Trends For You To Steal.

1- Primer

Summer is not that season of the year when you apply layers of base and foundation on your sensitive skin. All you need to go about this season is a tiny bit of primer to prep your skin and a concealer dabbed around your eyes to conceal your dark spots. It will make you appear fresher and more appealing.

2- Light Foundations

Going light with the foundation should be your thing this summer. By light foundation, we don't mean light tones. Instead, select a light textured foundation or, even better, a tinted moisturizer that would be perfect for giving a no-makeup effect. 

Women these days embrace their flaws with much confidence by applying light coverage foundations that let their skin breathe while giving it a matte finish touch.

BB creams are also preferable to provide a light yet dewy look.

3- False Freckles 

Yep, you read that right. Women are much influenced by the current beauty trends of drawing faux freckles on their faces. Gone are the days when these women used to hide those freckles by applying heavy foundations on their faces.

Instead, freckles represent a carefree and youthful teenage glam and have become popular amongst celebrities and girls. They can be easily created on the front with freckle pens, henna, brow pencils, or eyeliners of lighter shades.

4- Creamy Blush

Creamy blush is all in these days and is preferred for providing a glass finish and extra moisture to your face. These creamy blushes are a fantastic way of avoiding that too made-up look that comes with applying highlighters.

Blush in shades ranging from hues of peach, punchy pinks, and baby pinks give a youthful summer appeal to your elegance.

5- Colored Eyeliners

Colored eyeliners are the coolest makeup wears that always make their way in beauty trends. Whether you choose to contrast your outfit or complement it with the shade of your dress, this beauty works like a charm to enhance your appeal with a pinch of colors to go with the summery vibe. 

Women most likely prefer green, yellow, red, and blue shades to give them a vibrant makeup touch. Adding mascara in a light but accentuating way provides a more refined and complete outlook.

6- Eye Brow Gel

If you wish to follow the trendy no-makeup styles, you must keep your eyebrow game strong. Gel eyebrows are a popular heck that adds extra sheen to your face and is referred to as a style statement amongst runway models and celebs.

An eyebrow gel or a simple petroleum jelly would do the trick of giving you fine-shaped and gathered eyebrows.

7- Lip Gloss

Lip gloss all the way makes up its way to summer beauty hacks. While winters call for a matte lipstick finish touch, summers, on the other hand, demand luscious glossy and hydrated lips.

Glossy lips are trending and frequently seen in summer fashion magazines, with models pulling on light and nude tones of gloss. 

You can also go for lipsticks in pinkish, orange-ish shades to give a more natural and balanced appearance.

For a more sophisticated yet trendsetting glam, you can also try wearing a tinted lip balm or lighter shades of tinted lip glosses.

8- Summery-Nail   

'No makeup' makeup trend is all about keeping yourself natural. It even applies to the nails. Women prefer to carry light or nude nail colors for their summer styling. So, watermelon, ombre, and nude nail art are the talk of the town in summers.

9- Bronzers

Many women prefer to apply bronzers to highlight their facial features and to give themselves a more sun-tan summery effect. Using shades of bronzer in pastel pink and light peach will highlight your cheekbones and give you that most desired summer glow to make your appearance more attractive.

10- Skin Protectors

Apart from all the beauty hacks that roll around the summers for a glow-y and dewy appearance, taking care of your skin in summers from scorching sun rays is equally essential.

Applying sunscreens, vitamin-c serums, and tinted moisturizers can keep your skin healthy and protected from sun and cosmetics.

You may opt for makeup or no-makeup trend this summer, but healthy and clear skin tops every makeup look all year long.


The secret to amazing yet glowing summer skin is to keep it natural and healthy. So, whether you are out for a formal occasion during the day or hitting the beach, heavy, dark, and bold makeup won't fit your summer vibe. 

The key to rolling your summer styles lies in applying a bit of skin protection and a bit of natural makeup. Combining these two will give the desired summer no-makeup look and will be enough to make you appear bomb.

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