Top 9 Best Shoe Brands in 2022 – Your Ultimate Bucket List

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Top 9 Best Shoe Brands in 2022 – Your Ultimate Bucket List

Some say the dress you wear defines your wealth. Others suggest the shoes you don are the most subtle sign. Though we don’t vouch for any, if science or logic later proves the latter, it’s best to know which shoe brands you should buy from. And especially since we’re already halfway through 2022, it’s now or never. 

Read on to discover the lesser-known facts about shoes and the best-known brands in 2022. We also have a surprise along the way – promo codes for Rockport shoes.

So, let’s get started.

Interesting Facts about Shoes You’ve Never Heard of

With the pace the world is going, it won’t be a surprise if a brand introduces flying shoes anytime soon. But before that happens, do you know the rich history behind shoes? Here’s an overview:

  • Currently popular among women, heels were originally made for men in ancient times.
  • Sneakers were made to sneak around since they didn’t make any noise. 
  • Queen Victoria wore the first women's boots ever made.
  • No left or right shoes existed before the 19th century – both used to be the same size.
  • The measurement of shoe sizes started with a grain of barley – aka the barleycorn.

Shoe Brands to Watch Out for in 2022

There are more than 266 shoe brands worldwide. And yet, only some have made it to the top list. The reason? Because of the quality, marketing tactics, and customer-first approach they work with. 

So, you might nod your head in appreciation while scanning the shoe brands we’ve listed because that’s how well-known they are. But if you haven’t had a chance to buy a pair from them, our highlights will make up your mind. 


Renowned for their instantly recognizable ‘tick’ as a logo and the famous slogan ‘Just Do It,’ Nike has been operational since 1964. 

With a wide variety of sneakers, women's shoes, and infant collections, Nike is doing tremendous business, unlike any other brand. 

What Makes them Special?
There’s no doubt that Nike produces the best-quality shoes for people. But what makes the brand stand out is its branding tactics and celebrity endorsements. 

For example, some of the most celebrities (from no particular industry) include:

  • Kobe Bryant (Late)
  • Rafael Nadal
  • LeBron James

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1991 saw a new logo emerging in the shoe industry. A brand that gave tough competition to Nike that had been ruling solo for nearly three decades – Adidas. 

Adidas is known for providing athletic footwear that checks all the boxes like comfort, luxury, and affordability. Like Nike, Adidas has no shortfall of celebrities endorsing them. 

What Makes them Special?

As a shoe brand that launched knowing the challenges it’ll have to face, Adidas stood its ground exceptionally well. With the desire to become widely known as an athletic sports brand, Adidas has focused its marketing and production efforts on creating sportswear shoes. And it’s what makes them special. 

Instead of following a one-size-fits-all approach, they know who they’re selling to, which gives them an edge over others. 

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Rockport started as a joint venture with Adidas. But since Adidas Group’s focus was on sports and Rockport Company aimed for a wide target audience, it led to parting ways in 2015. 

Since then, Rockport has steadily made it to the top-ranking charts in more than 60 countries worldwide. Offering shoes for men, women, kids, casual, formal, and festival fit wears, the shoe brand has something for everyone. 

What Makes them Special?

Given the high competition in the market, Rockport realized understanding what buyers are looking for is the key. That’s why they took full advantage of special events and occasions like Halloween, Christmas, and Black Friday to give out coupons and discounts for free. 

The most famous ones are promo codes for Rockport shoes which you can find and use in a click. 

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Converse caught Nike’s eye for its consistent strategy of producing sports shoes. The two joined hands in 2003, but Converse quickly ventured into informal shoes and clothing. This versatility is what keeps attracting customers. 

What Makes them Special?

Converse rose to fame when they launched the all-time-favorite All Star in 1917. Made for people looking for comfort and luxury in one place, All Star by Converse is a fashion symbol. In the United States, at least. 

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If you’re a consumer looking for an all-in-one shoe brand selling sneakers, boots, sandals, and shoes, Skechers is the right place. With headquarters in California, Sketchers targets all kinds of people with its broad range of casual footwear. 

What Makes them Special?

As the fifth-largest sneaker brand in the world, Skechers has distinguished itself from the competition by introducing a sole made out of memory foam technology. Originally developed by NASA, memory foam technology allows soles to be more comfortable and sensitive to pressure and temperature. This way, the shoes can mold their shape according to the wearer’s comfort. 

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Some shoe-selling brands are popular for their sleek designs and affordable prices. Reebok takes the cake by offering Zig-Zag foam shoes that capture a viewer’s attention right away. 

Best to meet your workout goals, Reebok’s shoes take the weight off your leg muscles. No wonder it’s breaking sales and well-liked among women and men around the globe. 

What Makes them Special?

From starting with ‘Be More Human’ to running ad campaigns like ‘I am what I am,’ Reebok has taken a 360-degree turn on its branding – on the surface. 

In reality, Reebok stands for authenticity and delivering the greatness that people deserve. It’s this simplicity that elevates the brand among its competitors. 

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Under Armour

Known as a leading manufacturer of athletic shoes initially, Under Armour has expanded its reach to include apparel, too. 

Ranked 231 among the top 1000 shoe brands worldwide, Under Armour stands with a market cap of $3.94 Billion. 

Even if we ignore the stats, the rising popularity and appreciation for the brand’s quality among men and women make it to our bucket list. And it should be in yours, too. 

What Makes them Special?

With many popular athletic brands in the market, it was challenging for Under Armour to find its space. But it did so by following a people-first approach. And what do people want in shoes? Comfort. 

So, with their wide range of comfortable footwear, it became evident what to choose when someone wants long-time walking shoes. 

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Originally named Ruda, this shoe-selling brand was named Puma by the owner Rudolf Dassler’s brother. The logo itself draws you in with the leaping puma. And when we talk about the shoes, you’ll find every variety. 

From sneakers to athletic footwear, Puma has everything you desire. 

What Makes them Special?

Although Puma jumped into the fashion industry to survive, there’s something else the brand has that no other does – soft cowhide and padded ankle protection, which especially target people with orthopedic issues. 

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HOKA ONE ONE, or simply HOKA, is one of the lesser-known shoe manufacturers. And yet, it’s fast becoming a desirable choice among people of all ages. So, whether you’re a man or woman, you must have a HOKA shoe in your shoe closet this year. 

What Makes them Special?

The world verges on ‘the heavier, the better.’ In comparison, HOKA manufactures lightweight, breathable shoes that are easy on the foot and the pocket. 

While it may seem like a small specialty, it’s enough to make it to the top 10 shoe brands of 2022. 

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So, which of the above do you already have, and which do you plan to buy?

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