Top 12 Cool Things to Buy Online in 2022

By Micheal
Top 12 Cool Things to Buy Online in 2022


The world has changed in full swing after the pandemic. While physical shopping was quite the norm before 2020, the trends have shifted towards online shopping. And yet, so many online shopping platforms have made it confusing to choose the right options.


It gets even more challenging when you have to buy unique and cool things to fill your homes with. 

Don’t worry, as we have the list of cool things that will be the rage this year. And we’d love to shed light on them.

So, here we go!

Mini Donut Maker

Donuts are sugary delights loved by adults and children alike. But not everyone has time to make those big donuts available in the market.  

You can curb your sweet tooth cravings with a Mini Donut maker now. 

This mini donut maker is similar to a waffle maker. Simply decide your type of batter, pour the batter, and you’re done. 

The donut maker has a built-in auto-shutoff timer, so you’ll never have to worry about burning the donuts. 

Multiple Sunglasses Organizer

Sunglasses do everything to make you look fabulous while protecting you from the scorching heat. But do you habitually place sunglasses on countertops and bedside drawers without picking them up until your next trip? Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of sunglasses you have but can’t make time to organize them?

This sunglasses organizer can save the day. It’s made of vegan leather and can keep up to 5 pairs of your favorite sunglasses safe. 

It also has a hanging hook, so you can keep your room looking spotless at all times. 

Glow in the Dark Pillowcase

If you’re a parent running around their kid just to get them to bed at night, your worries are about to end. This cool Glow in the Dark pillowcase is the perfect way to keep your child engaged and sleep without you hovering over their neck. 

The pillow is machine washable and comes with a light pen. Your kid will have all the fun before sleeping, making designs on the pillow that will vanish every five minutes. 

P.S. it does need a C battery to function.

Air Fryer

The world has started shifting to oil-free food, which tastes like an oil-rich diet. And air fryers have become the center of attraction for exactly that reason. If you haven’t dedicated kitchen space for an air fryer, do already!

It’s shaped like a traditional frying basket and can fry golden, crispy chicken wings, potato chips, and much more – without using tons of oil. 

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Planning a picnic? How about taking a pizza oven with you? 

No, we’re not talking about the conventional ovens – they’d be too heavy to take along. The one we’re talking about is an outdoor pizza oven, which will be the next big thing from 2022 onwards. 

It has an optional gas burner attachment if you want to enjoy cooking pizza traditionally, but no obligations. In addition, the 26 pounds weight makes it conveniently portable and fun to take along on your next vacay. 

Melting Clock

Sometimes, the world of art and innovation leaves us stunned. This melting clock is one such art piece. Inspired by a famous painting, ‘The Persistence of Memory,’ this clock will serve as the perfect replica. 

You can easily hang it on your living room or office shelf and add it to your cool art collection. 

And fear not of cracking glasses, as it’s made of plastic. 😎

Cut-Proof Gloves

Being in the kitchen and cutting vegetables or meat means you’re always bound to get a cut or two. But with these cut-proof gloves, you can easily cut and chop all you like without worrying about slicing your fingers. 

These gloves are made of wire mesh and protect your hands from minor to major cuts. This way, you can use big and sharp knives without worrying.

Shark Slippers

We all love it when we can slip back into our flip-flops at home after work, don’t we? Well, these sharky slippers will make you even comfier and smile every time you look at ‘em. 

The soft, plush slippers are shaped like a biting shark and are oh-so-adorable to look at. The functionality of these slippers will make your feet feel like walking in the air. 

Shark slippers are available in different colors, so you can challenge your quirky sense and have fun choosing. 😉

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Reusable bottles are convenient to buy, but there’s a catch: they become challenging to clean daily. As a result, the water inside it starts giving a stale smell. 

These self-cleaning water bottles can turn around the table in your favor. 

Wait, how do they function? 

The bottles have a UV light mechanism that keeps your beverages cold, fresh, and clean all day. You can retain your cold drinks inside these self-cleaning bottles for up to 24 hours without worrying about the taste or smell. And if it’s a hot beverage, the water bottle can keep it fresh for 12 hours straight. 

Scented Flameless Candle

There’s something about scented candles that soothes the mind and takes you to another world. But not if you keep forgetting to blow them off. With scented flameless candles, you can carry on doing your work because they can burn for five hours and then shut off themselves. 

The scented flameless candles take two DD batteries to function and come with a remote to turn on and off from the sofa, especially when it’s Netflix and chill time. 😃

The best part? They’re as original as they can get – made of wax, and the flame flickers like real. 

CleanPaws Dog Paw Cleaner

Are you tired of your dog trotting inside the home with filth and mulch latch to their paws? You’ll love this CleanPaws Dog Paw Cleaner. 

Just pour soap water into the cleaner and put your dog’s paw inside to let the magic happen. 

Dirty home, says who?

Snack N Watch Phone Stand

Do you often struggle to adjust your phone and snack while watching your favorite shows? 

You’re not alone. 

And that’s why some genius designed the perfect phone stand for people like you. 

With this cool Snack N Watch Phone Stand, you can spend a lazy day (or night) with your phone and binge-watch your favorite T.V. series all you like. 

Oh, and since it has a snack area and holder to keep your phone and snacks balanced, you can relax without dropping things. 

Ready to Buy?

These are just a few cool things you must decorate your home with. So, are you ready for a shopping spree where you buy the coolest stuff on the internet?

Make 2022 your year!

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