Thinking of Wearing a Jumpsuit? Not Before You Read This

By Sharon
Thinking of Wearing a Jumpsuit? Not Before You Read This

When Jessica Chastain wore a Zahir Murad lace jumpsuit to celebrate the launch of Paramount+ in London in June, it was a sight to behold. The Interstellar actress channeled the ‘60s vibes perfectly with her ensemble, making everyone go swoon over her magnificent beauty.    

What women were more concerned about was that Chastain wore a jumpsuit without looking even the teeniest bit tacky.

Unfortunately, that’s a luxury only celebrities can afford – or so it appears.

Jumpsuits, despite being extremely fashionable, are difficult to wear. 
One small mistake, and the fashion police would immediately arrest you for committing fashion faux pas.

Luckily, we know many tricks that will silence your haters for good.
Finding the right size, style, shoes, and accessories is the key to rocking the one-piece outfit.

Of course, that’s easier said than done. 
That’s why we’re going to help.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the dos and don’ts of wearing a jumpsuit.

So, without further ado, let’s begin the lesson:

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1- Wear a Size That Fits You

When it’s about clothes, the universally accepted rule is to make sure they fit you. This becomes especially important for jumpsuits, considering they can make or break your look.

Too tight, and you’ll appear constipated as if you’re auditioning to be the next Catwoman.  
Too loose, and it’ll hide the beautiful curves that you worked so hard to get. 

So, take out a measuring tape and use it to measure the following dimensions:

  • High bust
  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Hip

Most jumpsuits, whether you’re getting them online or in-store, have a chart of the above-mentioned dimensions. Read it properly before making the purchase.
And remember to ask the shop about their exchange policy, so you can get another jumpsuit in case the one you bought doesn’t fit. 

2- Know The Occasion

Jumpsuits happen to be quite versatile, and that’s both a good and a bad thing.
Good because you can wear them to almost any occasion, and bad because you’ll have a hard time figuring out which jumpsuit style would be suitable for which event.

If you’re staying at home, opt for a stylish yet comfortable jumpsuit (yes, you can put on a jumpsuit even if you’re not stepping outside; the countless women working from home would tell you the same). 
For professional settings, it doesn’t get better than wide-leg jumpsuits. Over the past few years, post-Covid-19, they’ve become increasingly common, as they do not violate dress code restrictions and keep you cool.

And finally, choose high-waisted and low V-neck jumpsuits for casual events, like a girl’s night out. 

3- Add a Belt to Up Your Style

Jumpsuits and belts go hand in hand, like Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, Mr. Filch and Mrs. Norris, Hazel and Augustus… you get the point. 

Most jumpsuits already have designs around the waist, preventing you from adding something extra in that area. Others, however, do not have these features, making them suitable to experiment with a belt.

Besides increasing your style statement, belts help define your waste, which proves useful if you wear a loose jumpsuit.
The belt can be wide or thin, depending on your preference. Just don’t place it too high or too low around your midsection; doing either will make you stick out like a sore thumb.    

For the belt color, choose one that compliments your jumpsuit and does not divert the attention from it.

4- Choose Appropriate Shoes

Ask any woman who considers herself fashionable, and she’ll say heels and jumpsuits are made for each other. No offense to anyone, but we beg to differ.

We believe the most appropriate shoes for jumpsuits depend on which type you’re wearing. For instance:
Flats suit cropped jumpsuits
Heels compliment work-appropriate jumpsuits
Pointy toe pumps look the best with wide-legged jumpsuits

Of course, these aren’t hard and fast rules you have to follow; you’re free to experiment as long as you’ve given it much thought. 

With that said, please steer clear of lace-up boots with jumpsuits. 
You’re better off walking barefoot than adopting the silly trend.  

5- Layer Your Jumpsuit with a Blazer

If you’re wearing a sleeveless jumpsuit and would like to take things up a notch, cover yourself with a blazer or a jacket. It’s an excellent way to experiment with your look, but at the same time, stay on the safe side – and make sure to own your style statement. 

We say this because the biggest roadblock to layering a jumpsuit with a blazer is not the lack of options or knowledge but rather the confidence.
It’ll take some time to get used to, but once you do, you’ll be as ready as Gigi Hadid about to walk the Paris Fashion Week runway.

That being said, you should consider a few things. 
For instance, your jumpsuit and jacket colors shouldn’t be on the ends of two different spectrums. Similarly, plain blazers should go with plain jumpsuits and patterned with patterned. 

6- Take It to the Next Level with Jewelry

Wearing plain-colored jumpsuits is great for keeping things minimalistic. But for some, it might be too simple, which is where jewelry can prove useful.

Nothing says classy like a black jumpsuit and adorning it with gold, silver, or any other colored necklace, depending on your preference.
And not just a necklace, earrings, or bracelets with embedded gemstones work great.

But don’t go overboard with the accessories.  
If you’re wearing a heavily-embellished jumpsuit, you can skip the jewelry altogether; the one-piece outfit would be enough. 

7- Wear Your Hair Up or Down

Since there are no guidelines stating how you can or can’t style your hair with a jumpsuit, we’re establishing this point solely on our experience.

With casual jumpsuits, it’s best to wear your hair down. 
As you’re going for a relaxed and laid-back look, it’s best to do the same with your hair; loose beachy waves or a low ponytail would also work.

For casual jumpsuits, go with sleek and polished hairstyles, like a braided bun or a side sweep with hair pins. Your primary objective in a work setting should be to keep your hair in one place for long, considering it won’t be feasible to comb it every five minutes.

Now that we’ve discussed the dos of wearing a jumpsuit, let’s talk about the don’ts:

1- Don’t Prioritize Style Over Comfort

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding jumpsuits is they’re uncomfortable, especially if you need to visit the bathroom. Although there’s some truth to the statement, it primarily depends on the jumpsuit you purchase. 

These days, you’ll find plenty that have zippers located at convenient places, making it easy for you to relieve yourself. So, keep this in mind before purchasing a jumpsuit, and you won’t feel uncomfortable. 

Hey, we get it. Ditching trendy jumpsuits isn’t easy, specifically if you saw your favorite celebrity rocking the heck out of it, but remember, comfortability > style. 

2- Don’t Wear Low-Waist Jumpsuits

If you need a reminder of why low-waist jumpsuits are a bad idea, search the phrase ‘low-waist jumpsuits’ on Google, and the images that show up should be enough.

The whole point of a jumpsuit is that its waste line sits a few inches above your naval or on it. But when you opt for a low-waist jumpsuit, it does the opposite, making it appear as though you didn’t buy the right fit.
Furthermore, a low-waist jumpsuit highlights your body features in the most unflattering way possible. Therefore, if you don’t wish to look childish or juvenile, stay away from them.   

3- Don’t Pick Colorful Jumpsuits

In the early ‘60s, colorful jumpsuits were all the rage – and they looked wearable during that era. 

Not so much, unless you want to give people the impression that the characters from My Little Pony barfed on you.
As for the colors that are allowed, go for the classics, like mustard, olive green, sage, or burgundy.

Another trend you should avoid at all costs is wearing head-to-toe patterns. If your outfit seems too simple, try accessorizing it with sophisticated jewelry. You’ll look like a million bucks.   

4- Don’t Buy Jumpsuits Made from Stiff Fabrics

Canvas, net, organdy, and interfacing are some of the stiffest fabrics. 
So, you must not purchase jumpsuits made from any of these. You’ll feel uncomfortable most of the time, wishing to take off the jumpsuit immediately.  

Instead, look for jumpsuits that have been made using viscose, linen, or rayon. 
Since they allow air to circulate freely, you’ll remain chill and comfortable.

Ready to Jump on the Bandwagon? (See What We Did There?)

That’s it for today, ladies, gentlemen, and those who identify as neither.

After reading this blog, we hope you’re no longer afraid of a jumpsuit. As we mentioned in the beginning, it’s all about perfecting the measurements, knowing which accessories to wear, and choosing the right pair of shoes.
Once you’ve figured that out, there’s no stopping you from rocking a jumpsuit. 

All the best!    

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