12 Strange Holidays the World Celebrates & You Don’t!

By Sharon
12 Strange Holidays the World Celebrates & You Don’t!

With 195 countries and more than 3800 cultures worldwide, it’s not surprising to see the diversifications. And yet, you’ll be surprised with the kind of strange holidays and special days celebrated worldwide. 

Some may sound bizarre, while some might make you think, why wasn’t I born there?

We won’t blame you if you’ll be ready to pack your traveling gear and visit the countries where these holidays are celebrated after reading this blog. 

12 weird holidays people around the world celebrate.

Dress Up Your Cat Day

This is a special day for pet lovers. 

Celebrated in the UK, Dress Up Your Cat Day is when pets get special attention. Pet owners get to dress up their pets in cute outfits. Some people go to lengths to make matching dresses and show their love for their pets. 

World Zombie Day

With movies like Warm Bodies and T.V. series like The Walking Dead, it was about time that the world was introduced to World Zombie Day. And lo and behold, it did. 

Now, cities like New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, LA, and Tokyo celebrate this day by wearing fake makeup and strutting around the streets. Add weird groaning and mumbling, and you have a ‘walking dead’ walking right at you!

World Emoji Day

This one is a fun holiday that brings a smile by just looking at the name. Celebrated on July 17th, World Emoji Day has only been recognized as a holiday since 2014, but boy, did the day begin with a bang? 

You bet it did because the Empire State Building lit up emoji-yellow to mark this day. Since then, it has become a trend to set up records with people dressing up as emojis every July 17th. 

Snowman Burning Day

If you live in a place that is home to winter more than summer, you’ll get the reason behind the Snowman Burning Day. 

People in America and Switzerland do. And that’s why they celebrate March 20th every year by burning a giant snowman. 

The burning is done by using explosives and other flammable items. After that, it’s followed by a big blow-up, and BOOM – it’s springtime!

World Donut Day

Donuts are tasty, juicy, sweet delicacies that can light up even the dullest moment. However, that’s not why World Donut Day is celebrated. Instead, there’s a serious undertone to the otherwise happy celebration. 

This occasion is held every year on June’s First Friday, where people savor donuts in memory of the women who served donuts to WW1 soldiers. 

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day

Since we’re talking about strange days, National Two Different Colored Shoes Day makes it into the list. 

It might seem like a celebration in memory of someone who walked to work with different colored shoes, but we assure you, it’s not. 

In fact, it’s about celebrating human diversity. It’s an unofficial holiday created by Dr. Arlene Kaiser and held in the U.S. 

People wear mismatched pairs of shoes every year on May 3rd to show their recognition that each human is unique and every culture important, no matter how diverse. 

Obama Day

Barack Obama set history by becoming the first African-American U.S. president in 2009. 

Born to a Kenyan father, Obama quickly became a national hero in Kenya. So much so that Kenya announced a national Obama Day to celebrate the victory. 
Barack Obama’s famous slogan ‘Change We Need’ indeed became the change the world needed. 

Picnic Day

To some, having a picnic day is the norm. And yet, some celebrate it as a luxury. 

National Picnic Day in Northern Australia is an ode to holidays that gives workers of Darwin’s railway the chance to enjoy a picnic by the Adelaide River. 

Although it began as Labor Day, it soon transitioned to a 3-day weekend with relaxing activities to enjoy in the area. 

Blessed Rain Day

Bhutanese believe in the mythical powers of the natural water. They celebrate Blessed Rain Day every year by taking an outdoor bath. 

Astrologers believe in a special time and hours for the baths. In addition, the date is calculated according to the Tibetan Lunar Calendar. 

So, if you head over to Bhutan someday, you might see people taking a bath outdoors. We suggest not to count it as weird and join in. 😉

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Pirates were a sign of terror until Pirates of the Caribbean came out, and everyone fell in love with Caption Jack Sparrow, a.k.a. Johnny Depp. But what if we told you there’s an entire day dedicated to becoming – and talkin’ – like a pirate? That’s right. 

International Talk Like a Pirate Day started in the USA, and several European countries celebrate it every year on September 19th. 

People get to dress up as their favorite pirate characters and feel like one of the heroes of Treasure Island. 

Wouldn’t you like it, too? 

No Dirty Dishes Day

It doesn’t get weirder than having a day dedicated to those dirty dishes no one feels like washing. But despite what the name of this day may make you think, it’s more like a world dishwashing day. 

You can celebrate the No Dirty Dishes Day by washing dishes or simply not using any dishes. Disposable dishes are the best alternate – at least every year on May 18th. 

National Sleepyhead Day

Have you ever been woken up by a jug of water by your siblings as a prank? Well, that’s what the Finnish population celebrates every year on July 27th with a slight change: the sleepiest person in the house gets woken up by a bucket of water on the face instead of a jar. 

The city of Naantali takes it one step ahead. They simply throw the sleepyhead into the sea. That is sure to wake anyone up. What do you say? 😋

Ready to Celebrate?

The world can get weirder, with more and more strange holidays emerging. But what matters is how well you blend in with the trends and enjoy everything life offers. 
After, You Only Live Once. 😎💜

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