Top 10 Spirit Halloween Costumes for Couples in 2022

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Top 10 Spirit Halloween Costumes for Couples in 2022

Halloween – the time of the year when adults can bring their goofy side to life and play dress up. After all, it’s the season of costumes, candy, and, of course, fast-approaching chilly days. So, if you’re looking to spice things up with your better half, there’s no other way to do it than by wearing Spirit Halloween costumes for couples this year. Because if it’s by a heart-favorite brand like Spirit Halloween, then there won’t be anything stopping you from having the time of your life on the 31st of October.

Read on to find out the top 10 couples' Halloween costumes Spirit Halloween offers.

Top 10 Spirit Halloween Costumes for Couples

Wearing Halloween costumes began as a belief to honor the dead that supposedly roam the Earth on Halloween night. But it’s usually attributed to the coming of winter. No matter the reason, you always gotta look your best. 

Here are our top 10 picks of Spirit Halloween costumes for couples to help you choose the ‘one.’

1- Spirit Halloween Squid Game Costume

Squid Game Costumes - Buy Now

Popular Netflix show Squid Game may have streamed in 2021, but its fame isn’t coming down anytime soon. And that’s why the Squid Game costume is doing rounds on the Spirit Halloween website. 

Available in 3 types of outfits, you can choose between:

  • Adult Squid Game Doll Dress Costume – visibly terrifying enough to make others creep out at your very sight.  
  • Adult Squid Game Player Costume – show your love for the game’s contestants who put their lives at stake. Choose your favorite player’s number, don the costume, and get ready to face the world. 
  • Adult Guard Costume – this one comes complete with a mask, jumpsuit, belt, and gloves, giving you a chance to look as ruthless and controlling as you want. 

Buy Now - Halloween Squid Game Costumes

2- Angel Costume Spirit Halloween

Buy Now - Angel Costume Spirit Halloween

Who says you only have to look scary and frightening on Halloween? Because if you’re searching for a prim and pretty costume to twin with your partner, we have a literal angelic costume to put an end to your hunt. That’s right. This Angel Costume Spirit Halloween is all you need to look your best in 2022.

Buy Now - Angel Costume Spirit Halloween

3- Corpse Bride Costume Spirit Halloween

Corpse Bride Costume Spirit Halloween - Buy Now

Only a few movies leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s minds. Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride is one of them. And if you’re one that fan-girls a lot over Victor Van Dort all the time and wants your spouse or boyfriend to dress like him this time around, then this one is for you. So, dress up like the corpse bride, Emily, and walk hand in hand with your partner to turn heads around. 

Buy Now - Corpse Bride Costume Spirit Halloween

4- Nurse Costume Spirit Halloween

Buy Now - Halloween Nurse Costumes

Pay tribute to the medical professionals, especially the nurses, with this beautiful, sexy, and stylish Nurse Costume by Spirit Halloween. 

But wait... 

What can you dress your significant other like? Well, we have a prescription for that – how about a doctor’s costume? 😉 And yes, the store has plenty of those in their collection of Spirit Halloween costumes for couples.

Buy Now - Nurse Costume Spirit Halloween

5- Spirit Halloween Prisoner Costume

Prisoner Costumes Halloween - Buy Now

Being in prison is the last thing anyone wants, but if it’s about looking good in a locked-up prisoner costume, Spirit Halloween Prisoner Costume takes the cake. The best part? It has a handcuff belt that you can tie with your partner for a heart-to-heart on Halloween night. 

Buy Now - Halloween Prisoner Costume

6- Scrubs Costume Spirit Halloween

Scrubs Halloween Costumes - Buy Now

You don’t have to be a doctor or nurse to wear a scrub. So, go and become the heartthrob of the party with these scrubs costumes Spirit Halloween has online. Available in pink and blue colors, you and your beau can stand out a mile everywhere. 

Buy Now - Halloween Scrubs Costume

7- Spirit Halloween Costumes for Adults

Halloween Costumes for Adults - Buy Now

Are you looking for themed Spirit Halloween costumes for adults? We got you. Choose between a wide range of couple costumes like peanut butter and jelly, pirate costumes, and much more. 

Buy Now - Halloween Costumes for Adults

8- Plus Size Couple Costumes

Plus Size Couple Costumes - Buy Now

Hocus Pocus fans, this one is for you! 

Spirit Halloween has made costume selection for this season the most fun it can get. So, when you dress up as Sarah Sanderson, there won’t be dust settling in the town. Instead, you can walk around like you own the place. And the fact that the dresses are plus size couple costumes, you can make memories the way you want. 

Buy Now - Halloween Plus Size Couple Costumes

9- Spirit Halloween Adult Thing 1 and 2 One-Piece Costume

Buy Now Halloween 1-2 Piece Costumes

Make yourself the pulse of the party by walking inside wearing this Adult Thing 1 and 2 one-piece costume. Available in a bright and vivid red color, it doesn’t just give others a dangerous vibe about you. Instead, it shows off your love for Dr. Seuss, too!

Buy Now - Halloween Adult Thing 1 and 2 One-Piece Costume

10- Spirit Halloween The Nightmare Before Christmas Couples Costume

Buy Now - Nightmare Couple Costumes

Become Jack and Sally this Halloween eve. This Spirit Halloween costume for couples will make you and your partner look more than a nightmare – a walking terror that has ever shadowed the town. So much so that you’ll be talked about until the next Halloween and the next!

Buy Now - Halloween Nightmare Before Christmas Couples Costume

Other Halloween Costumes You Shouldn’t Miss 

Are you searching for something other than Spirit Halloween costumes for couples? Don’t worry because our list has something for everyone. 

Best Cheap Couples Halloween Costumes

Tight on the budget but want to look your best? Quit worrying and buy the best cheap couples Halloween costumes you can find on the internet. Some of the best you can find at affordable prices include Barbie & Ken, the Addams Family, and the couples costume of The Incredibles. 

Party City Halloween Costumes

If you want to look at something other than Spirit Halloween ideas for costumes, this one is for you. Party City has a wide range of Halloween costumes, accessories, and everything you need to look your terrifying best. 

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Now that you have gone through Spirit Halloween costumes for couples and checked the others, it’s time to buy online. The choices are limitless, but you have less than a few days before welcoming Halloween. So, hurry up before the good ones vanish.

Frequently Asked Questions


When does Spirit Halloween Open?

Spirit Halloween starts opening as soon as July waves hello. This marks the beginning of a highly-anticipated season that lasts till Halloween night.

Does Spirit Halloween have pet costumes?

Yes, they do. The most searched and bought ones include dog costumes for Halloween. After all, pets deserve to celebrate the event like anyone else.

When do Spirit Halloween costumes go on sale?

If you’re looking for Spirit Halloween costumes for couples on sale, the time is now. The store offers terrific sales, discounts, and coupons to save the most and buy the best simultaneously.

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