Dog Costumes for Halloween That Are Just Too Damn Adorable

Dog Costumes for Halloween That Are Just Too Damn Adorable

Ah, Halloween.
The one night of the year when you could be covered in blood (fake, duh!) and no one would bat an eye.

But while shopping for costumes, don’t forget your four-legged friend. You can and should dress up your pooch, provided they can easily move and breathe in the costume. This way, Halloween – or should we say Howl-oween – would be 2x fun, spooky, and oh-so-adorable. So, if you’re looking for dog costumes for Halloween that’ll make everyone go aww, there’s no better way to spend your time than by reading this blog.

Top 7 Dog Costumes For Halloween 

Here, we’ve listed some of the cutest Halloween costumes for puppies that’ll get your furry companion in the spirit (no pun intended).

1- Pumpkin Pet Costume

Buy Pumpkin Pet Costume

What’s Halloween without pumpkins?

And with this Pumpkin Pet Costume, you can turn your canine into one too.
It’s one of the best large dog costumes for Halloween, featuring the same orange and green colors found on a gourd.

Since the costume is made of cotton, your pup will stay happy and comfortable. And it comes in multiple sizes.
This means whether your doggy is small, medium, or large, the Pumpkin Pet Costume would easily fit them.

You can take your furry friend with you for trick or treating and have the best time of your life.

2- Devil Pet Costume

Buy Devil Pet Costumes

Are you a big fan of the Netflix series Lucifer?
Well, time to take your craze to the next level by having your pet companion join in on the fun with one of the best dog costumes for Halloween – Devil Pet Costume.
It comes with the devil’s signature horns, wings, and a pointed tail. 

Just imagine – you’ve dressed up as Lucifer, and your pup is wearing this Devil Pet Costume. You’re walking down the street together, making everyone turn their heads.

We may be getting ahead of ourselves, but if you enter a ‘Best Halloween Costume’ contest, you’ll win all the prizes, hands down. 

3- King of the Jungle Pet Costume

Sorry, Simba, but you can take a back seat.
Because there’s a new King of the Jungle in town.

And it is… drum rolls please… your dog.

You won’t be after seeing your furry friend in this majestic ‘King of the Jungle Pet Costume.’

Equal parts cute and glorious, this costume consists of a single item – the plush main headpiece. However, it’s enough to get your canine roaring like a lion.

Made from polyester, the King of the Jungle Pet Costume would never make your pup feel irritated. Instead, they’ll loudly roar (bark), signaling everyone of their mighty presence.  

4- Einstein Pet Costume

Albert Einstein was fond of pets, particularly dogs.
So, it’s only fair that you honor his memory by dressing up your pooch as the great scientist.

If you’re not sure whether such dog costumes for Halloween would work, wait till you see your pet in this Einstein Pet Costume. It comes with a white lab coat, tie, and a white hair wig to resemble – you guessed it right – Albert Einstein.

The Einstein Pet Costume fits all canine breeds, from a Dachshund-Miniature to a Golden Retriever. 

Get your pooch this costume, and who knows, they may come up with their own theory of relativity. 😉

5- Dunkin' Pet Costume

The only thing better than eating your favorite glazed donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts is if an adorable four-legged doggo delivered them.
That may seem fictional, but it can become a reality – with the Dunkin’ Pet Costume.

It comes with a visor and a Dunkin’ Donuts uniform, making it look like your dog is actually hired by the company. 
And don’t worry about being handed over a copyright violation notice because the costume is officially licensed from Dunkin’ Donuts

6- Ghost Face Pet Costume

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”

Your dog will be ringing up people and asking this question from them in this Ghost Face Pet Costume. Except this time, their face will be visible and people won’t be running away from them but toward them because of how cute your pup will look.

Made from nylon and spandex, the Ghost Face Pet Costume can be easily washed with hands. This will come in handy in case your doggo gets blood stains on the costume (a Scream reference). 

This costume will be excellent if you want a scary dog costume for Halloween.

7- Pennywise Pet Costume

“We all bark down here.”

Last but not least, we have Pennywise Pet Costume. Shaped after the popular horror character from the IT series, this costume is sure to give kids a scare. 

It comes with two pieces: a wig and a jumpsuit with attached hands and a balloon (yes, the same red balloon). 
The Pennywise Pet Costume is available in four sizes: SM, MD, LG, and XL.  

Additional Pet Costumes for Halloween

In addition to the costumes we’ve mentioned until now, there are several others that can help you and your pet get your spooky on. 

Halloween Costumes for Dogs and Owners 

Twinning doesn’t get better than this.

If you love your pup more than anything else in the world (which you obv do), team up with them this Halloween. For instance, an excellent dog costume idea for Halloween would be to dress up as Cruella de Vil, and your pup can be the dalmatian. 

Easy Dog Costumes for Halloween

With the spooky season soon creeping up, you may not have the time to purchase dog costumes for Halloween. But that’s okay. 

There are some you can make at your home with just a few art supplies.

For instance, buy a large white cloth and punch two holes to make a classic ghost costume. Or purchase a small waistcoat with a bowtie that fits your doggo, and ta-da! Your pup is a personal chauffeur. 

Time to Get Halloween Costumes for You and Your Dog

Halloween is just a few days away. That means you have to be quick and purchase dog costumes for Halloween for your pup before the stock ends.

So, what are you waiting for?
Hurry up and head over to Spirit Halloween!

Frequently Asked Questions


Where to buy Halloween costumes for dogs?

Spirit Halloween is the best website to purchase a comprehensive range of Halloween costumes for dogs. They are made from the softest materials, keeping your best friend comfortable and happy.

What is the most popular dog costume?

There are plenty of dog costumes popular amongst pet owners. Some of them include the Pumpkin Pet Costume, Devil Pet Costume, King of the Jungle Pet Costume, Einstein Pet Costume, Dunkin’ Pet Costume, and Ghost Face Pet Costume.

Do dogs like Halloween costumes?

Yes, as long as the costumes do not restrict their movement or breathability, puppies like dressing up. In fact, some enjoy all the attention they get after wearing a cute dog costume for Halloween.

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