Clevo Nh70 Laptop Review & Buying Guide 2023 - Gaming Specs, Features

Clevo Nh70 Laptop Review & Buying Guide 2023 - Gaming Specs, Features

A laptop is a fantastic piece of human-made technology. The Clevo NH70 functions are similar to the computer. Moreover, it is small enough to carry anywhere easily. Laptops are of two types; gaming laptops and normal laptops. Gaming laptops are used more commonly than normal laptops. They are a small, portable personal computer with high-performance processor power specifically designed for high-duty gaming. A gaming laptop has strong hardware, improved graphics, and long battery life, which makes it ideal for a person's daily tasks like Clevo nh70. The Clevo nh70 has an Intel Core i7-9750H processor, 8GB of RAM, a high-quality full HD IPS display of 17.3 inches, and a 256GB SSD. 

Clevo NH70 Laptop – Overview

Clevo nh70 is one of the most powerful gaming laptops of all time. These laptops are known for their top-notch performance, which provides you with a smooth experience. Moreover, clevo nh70 comes with a budget range that everybody can afford.

Here, we are reviewing the Clevo nh70 gaming laptop in detail, considering your requirements, it’s pros and cons, and your preferences regarding display, battery life, storage space, sound, and processor performance. 

So, if you're looking for a detailed guide on the Clevo nh70 gaming laptops, then this blog is for you.

Let’s begin.

Clevo NH70 - Specifications 

The Clevo NH70  has a wide range of impressive specifications, which have been coded below in a table to make the reading convenient.

Model Clevo nh70
Memory 8GB
Storage Type SSD
Graphics Card Nvidia GTX 1060 graphic card
Processor  Intel Core i7 9750
Display Size 17.3 inches full HD
Resolution 1920×1080
Battery 14.4v 3275mAh
Battery Life 3.5 hours
Weight   2.5 kg
Operating System Window 10 home
Price      $1700


Clevo NH70 - Affordable Gaming Laptop   

If you want an ideal laptop at an affordable price, then the Clevo nh70 is a perfect choice. It is the most popular gaming laptop in the market. The Clevo NH70 is packed with so many features and is sure to give you an appealing experience when it comes to gaming. The Clevo NH70 comes with a 17.3 inches full HD screen, 9th generation Intel core i7 processor, and 8trh GB RAM ensuring a smooth experience for intense gaming. Clevo NH70 allows you to run multiple programs simultaneously without any hassle. In addition, the display of Clevo NH70 is impressive. Hence, you will enjoy a complete gaming package in this Clevo NH70 gaming laptop.

Detailed Review of Clevo Nh70 Laptop   

Display, Resolution & Weight 

                                  Clevo Nh70 laptop Review Specs & Buying Guide

The display of this amazing gaming machine is incredible. It has a 17.3 inches matte-finish display with a stunning 1920×1080. This machine is famous for its vibrant colors and HD image display. The powerful graphic card built into this laptop gives high-resolution graphics for crystal clear display quality that gamers enjoy a lot. The weight of this gaming monster might bother gamers because this metal weighs around 2.5 kg or 4.5 pounds, which means it's heavier than other gaming devices. The weight of this machine is its drawback, as it is not a very portable gaming device due to its weight. 

Clevo Nh70 Battery and Charging Time 

                                  Clevo Nh70 Battery and Charging Time 

The battery of the clevo nh70 is 14.4v 3275mah, which is acceptable but not perfect for a new gaming laptop in this price range. The battery life of the clevo nh70 lasts up to 3.5 hours, so gamers must keep it connected to the charger, unlike other gaming devices today. Clevo nh70 is an ideal machine for an enjoyable gaming experience. Further, if the user prefers a notebook with an 8 to 9 hours battery life, then this would be a big no. Instead, they should go for other gaming laptops. 

Clevo Nh70 Processor and Performance in Different Games 

                                    Clevo Nh70 Processor

The clevo nh70 laptop is powered by a 9th generation intel core i7 processor, which provides gamers with a smooth gaming experience. As a result, gamers don't feel any difficulty in working with memory-intensive programs that help out to power up this beast processor. You will not find any problem in installing multiple games. The powerful processor of the clevo nh70 gaming laptop allows you to run more tasks alongside gaming.

Clevo Nh70 Storage Options 

                                   Clevo Nh70

This machine offers a variety of storage options. Depending on gamers' needs, gamers can have up to 1tb of storage with a sata hard drive or an ssd. Hence, the storage options of this clevo nh70  will benefit gamers who don't want to sacrifice performance.

Sound Quality 

The sound quality of this great gaming laptop is one of the best among other gaming devices of this price range and similar specifications.In this gaming beast, speakers are located on the bottom-left side. As a result, it offers great sound quality. Sometimes, they even get covered. But still, they are worth spending money on. The high sound quality audio in the Clevo NH70 creates a great environment for gamers and provides them with an ideal and never-to-be-forgotten experience while playing the desired game. 

Clevo Nh70 Keyboard & Touchpad

                                       Clevo Nh70 Keyword

The keyboard of clevo nh70 has backlit features with changing multiple colors that would vary according to your mood and streaming. Moreover, the keyboard is excellent and certainly enhances the user's experience of gaming and working all together. A smooth touchpad is responsive compared to other gaming devices. It improves the overall user's interest in this device.

Clevo Nh70 Warranty & Claims 

When we talk about warranty and claims, this device comes with a one-year warranty. 

Clevo nh70 covers the defects in manufacturing and hardware problems that are not caused by users, such as: 

  • Defective monitors
  • Faulty keyboards 
  • Internal components malfunctions. 

It covers the components and labor for repairs. 

So, you don't need to worry if you meet any trouble with the machinery part. Simply contact Clevo, and they will take care of everything. 

Clevo Nh70 Targeted Users 

Additionally, the clevo nh70 is a powerful gaming machine suited for serious gaming, so the main target users are gaming enthusiasts who want a powerful laptop for a smooth experience. This laptop is not easy to find in any store. The clevo nh70 is available in stores as an intensely designed gaming device.Therefore, those gamers who are looking for laptops with high-quality specifications should think about getting this gaming laptop device.

Things to Know About Gaming Laptops 

You need to know a few things about this laptop before getting it. These things will help you in making a sound decision easily. This laptop is known as the most powerful gaming laptop. It contains a lot of features that make it a perfect fit for gaming. Besides that, this laptop has a great design and is well-built. The gaming device is worth spending money on if you're looking for a powerful gaming laptop.                                  

How to Select Clevo Nh70 As Best Gaming Laptops 

Gaming laptops are one of the most popular types of laptops in the market, as they're powerful, versatile, and perfect for people who love to play games. 

But the question arises, which one is perfect for you? While choosing a gaming laptop, consider the types of games you want to play. If you're interested in playing single-player games, a normal desktop computer will be enough for you. But if you love to play multiplayer games or game streaming, then a laptop is the best option.  Laptops have better graphics and more power than desktops which makes them seamless for playing online games. After that, consider your budget. Laptops range from under $500 to $3000. The more specs and features your laptop will have, the more money you will have to spend.

But don't let price be the only factor in choosing a laptop. Some of the best laptops are budget models that offer great performance. 

Lastly, consider whether you want a Windows or an Apple operating system (OS). Most gamers prefer using an OS from Apple because its keyboard and trackpad are some of the bests in the business. Other gamers also use Windows OS because it is easier to get programs and games.

Clevo Nh70 Pros and Cons 

Here are some pros and cons of this gaming laptop that will help you decide whether you want to spend your money on this heavy gaming laptop or go for other brands. 

Clevo NH70 Pros

  • It has excellent pixel density and image quality.
  • The graphic card is perfect for playing high-end games. 
  • The 9th generation Intel processor ensures a quality gaming experience.
  • A color-changing backlit keyword for better practice. 
  • Most suitable for intense gaming. 

Clevo NH70 Cons

  • This laptop is fairly expensive for its specifications.
  • The battery life of 3.5 hours is disappointing. 
  • It is not suitable for office work or working from home. 
  • This laptop is heavier than usual. 
  • Clevo gaming laptop has no webcam.


How To Enhance Clevo Nh70 laptop Performance 

These kinds of laptops are the most powerful devices on the market. They are considered the perfect machine for the ones who want to play games in high settings and do some serious work. If not properly configured and tweaked, then even the best laptops can be underpowered. This is where this device comes in. 

Here, you will learn some tricks which will help you maximize the performance of this device. Firstly, make sure your graphic card is up-to-date. This is important when you are playing older games or using demanding applications. Secondly, make sure your CPU is configured properly. An overclocking can give your laptop a significant boost in performance. However, also make sure that you do it safely without causing any damage to your hardware. 

Finally, ensure that your laptop has a perfect cooling system. Overheating in any device can cause serious damage to the hardware. So, it is important to keep an eye on the temperature level. These are a few tips that can make your device work perfectly and will make your gaming experience beyond amazing.  


Clevo Nh70 Youtuber Reviews on Gaming Laptop

Reviews are one of the vital roles before buying any technical stuff. This is one of the reasons why many YouTube accounts are famous. We are providing you some reviews on this gaming device, combined as a rough rule of thumb by walking through its features by YouTubers. 

According to users, the 2.5kg weight of Clevo nh70 is a lot to carry. As gaming laptops are per-analyzed to be heavy, this machine has the same feature. The light weight of this device could attract many customers. 

Keeping the cost of this machine in mind, we can’t count on this laptop due to its 1-year warranty. This gaming device setup is being questioned because of the software with memory storage, pixels, and resolution. A 9th generation intel core laptop provides extensive experience to gamers, but 3.5 hours of battery support is outside the gaming world. 


Clevo nh70 is a powerful gaming laptop. So, if you are searching for a gaming laptop with a high-resolution display and a powerful processor, then Clevo nh70 is the best choice. The inside, thermal, and other specifications have been detailed above for your convenience. Still, it's up to you how you intend to use the laptop, and your priorities matter a lot. 

If you want a laptop for office work or home-based work and you are not a fan of games, then this laptop may not be the best option for you.  If you are a game lover looking to play memory-intense games on a high-quality display, then this laptop is the right choice, despite its slightly higher price. 


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