All About Amazon Hub Counter & Amazon Locker

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All About Amazon Hub Counter & Amazon Locker

Before 2020, online shopping was more or less an alien concept. People preferred physical shopping rather than wasting time on Amazon Kindle. Even fewer knew of the Amazon Fresh concept. As for Amazon Hub Counter, you might as well have received weird looks if you mentioned the phrase back then.

Fast-forward to the post-pandemic era, and everyone loves the idea of shopping online. The mere thought of saving time on going outside, finding your desired product, and bringing it back home seems too much. And let’s not mention the peace of mind Amazon Essentials and Amazon Prime have brought.

And yet, as everything goes, even online shopping has its demerits. For starters, Amazon had to endure competing retail stores offering delivery services. And then, there was the pressing matter of stolen or misplaced packages en route. This was until Amazon introduced Amazon Hub Counter. 

If you came to this blog looking for knowledgeable tidbits about the Amazon Hub Counter +, you would get more than crumbs. Consider this blog your go-to source to start leveraging the future of logistics.

So, now that we have your fullest attention, let’s find out all about Amazon Hub Counter. 

Overview of Amazon Hub Counter

Traditionally, Amazon relied on secondary delivery services like USPS and FedEx to deliver packages. However, the waiting hours proved a major hurdle, threatening customer retention. Amazon Hub Counter is a phenomenal offering by Amazon that solves logistics challenges. Moreover, Amazon Hub Counter allows customers to pick up their parcels from the same local areas. 

Currently, Amazon offers two physical pick-up locations:

  • Amazon Hub Counter
  • Amazon Hub Lockers  

Why Join the Amazon Hub 

As a local retail store offering your service on Amazon, you have a hundred other stores competing against you. Consequently, it threatens your traffic flow and, eventually, your cash flow. Joining the Amazon Hub is your gateway to attracting more traffic and reinstating the audience’s confidence in your company. Other benefits of joining the partner program by Amazon include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improved Business Revenue
  • Well-Established Customer Base

Amazon Hub Counter vs. Locker

While both are physical stores located in banks, coffee shops, convenience stores, fitness centers, supermarkets, and government agencies, there is a major functionality difference. 

In an Amazon Hub Counter+, you will have staff members to assist you. For example, you can get them to scan your Amazon Hub pick-up code and retrieve your packages. The staff members attend to customers behind a counter, hence the name. 

In comparison, Amazon launched Amazon Hub Lockers as a self-service. So, instead of staff members entertaining your requests, you will have to pick up your parcels yourself. The packages are sent to the Amazon Hub Locker via Amazon delivery drivers, who drop them in the relevant lockers. 

Another notable difference when comparing Amazon Hub Counter vs. Locker is the operating hours. 

For example, apartment block lockers are available 24/7. However, the same is not the case with Amazon Hub Counters. Instead, since these counters are located inside different business locations like cafes, stores, and malls, it depends on their working hours.

If you’re an introvert, you might not like receiving your parcel from a stranger attending to you behind an Amazon Hub Counter. And since these physical stores are situated in comparatively dense and crowded areas, the entire exchange may feel awkward. So, if you don’t like people ogling at what you’re carrying, then Amazon Hub Counter isn’t the best choice. In that case, you can find Amazon Lockers and get your package in a no-contact manner. 

Overall, Amazon Hub Counter and Lockers are not much different except for the reception you will get at Amazon Hub Counter compared to Lockers, where you will have to help yourself. Choosing one over another is a personal choice, as well as depending on the region you live in. 

Advantages of Using Amazon Hub Counter

Imagine filling up your car’s tank and going to the side of the building to receive a package. No hassle of visiting another building and going to another distant area.

Time effectiveness and convenience are the two biggest advantages of using Amazon Hub Counter. Besides, you won’t have to wait anxiously for your package to arrive or nurse the worry of it being stolen. If you live in an apartment or housing society with many buildings, it’s a relief to know your Amazon Essentials order will come to you. 

Another benefit of this amazing service is that you don’t have to schedule your day according to the arrival of the package. Instead, you have a 3-day window during which you can pick up your parcel anytime. Whether you do it before work or after, it’s your choice. 

Here’s how you can use the Amazon Hub Counter+ system conveniently:

  1. Shop your desired product from Amazon using the official website or app.
  2. Select a pick-up location according to the nearest one in your area
  3. Receive a text or email containing your pick-up code
  4.  Visit the self-service locker or Amazon Hub Counter
  5. Show your pick-up code to the attendant behind the counter or scan it yourself on the screen
  6. Retrieve your package once the locker opens automatically 

Remember that you must order your deliverables from a seller operating on Amazon. So, whether you use it for Amazon Hub Counter whole foods or other Amazon Basics, you’re the boss. 

User Reviews for the Amazon Hub Counter

Unsurprisingly, Amazon Hub Counter and lockers gained much popularity among avid shoppers. Since Amazon is already ‘the hub’ of shopping for people worldwide, these counters and lockers serve the best purpose. Besides, by offering this service on the app and official website, Amazon ensured convenience beyond boundaries. 

Taking a quick look at users' experience, we’ve gathered what people like and dislike about Amazon Hub Counter+

Using Amazon Hub Counter for whole foods and other products:

  • Eliminates worries about packages being stolen
  • Gives flexible pick-up hours in case of bad weather or other circumstances
  • Helps in hiding items you mean to buy as gifts
  • Enables easy Amazon Hub Counter returns
  • Offers same-day and one-day shipping (in selected areas)
  • Provides personalized lockers for deliveries (no sharing allowed)
  • Represents support for local businesses
  • Delivers a hassle-free and cost-less experience

And yet, despite the many benefits, it’s not without its disadvantages, although they are few.

Some users point out the following flaw in the Hub Amazon program:

  • It’s only offered for items available on Amazon
  • It’s only applicable on items less than $5,000
  • It must fit inside the locker 
  • It must not weigh over 20 pounds
  • It’s not applicable on subscribed and save-able items

Get Amazon Hub Counter Whole Foods

If there’s something that you can’t do without, it’s grocery shopping. But with work and social gatherings, it can be challenging to make time for this important task. Amazon Hub Counter Whole Foods makes it easy to get grocery delivery to your doorstep. How? 

Well, the Hub Amazon has partnered with Whole Foods to offer shoppers the chance to buy groceries and get them delivered to their nearest Amazon Hub Counter. After that, you can pick up your grocery package from the store at your convenience. 

Using this feature, you can:

  • Get fast grocery delivery and pick-up (in selected regions)
  • Buy the same groceries available at your local Whole Foods Market
  • Shop for fresh groceries of the highest quality

As an Amazon Prime member, you can save more with deals on seasonal sales and favorites reserved for Prime members. Amazon also offers Prime members a 2-hour delivery window during which they can select same-day delivery. 

You can also choose an Amazon delivery driver to deliver your grocery to your doorstep. The delivery is completely contactless, and you receive your parcel without human interaction. 

For Amazon Hub Counter pick-ups, you have two options:

  • Curbside Pick-up: This option is best if you have other errands to run. This way, you can park your car at a designated curbside parking lot and let the loaders put groceries inside. 
  • In-Store Pick-up: This option allows you to pick up your order from a physical store. The physical stores are located inside coffee shops, shopping malls, etc. You will receive a text or email defining your pick-up area, after which you can visit the Amazon Hub Counter to retrieve your parcel.  

Amazon Hub Counter Returns Process

The best part about shopping from Amazon is that you can initiate Amazon Hub Counter returns. However, you must check if the item you wish to return is eligible for a return. Moreover, your location must fall within the returning zone.

To initiate a return, visit the Amazon Hub Counter page and find the nearest Amazon Hub Counter. 

Follow these steps after you’ve located the nearest Amazon Hub Counter+:

  1. Create your QR return code on Your Orders.
  2. Receive an email with your Amazon Hub Counter returns QR code and instructions.
  3. Take your item to the Amazon Hub Counter and show your return QR code to the staff member behind the counter. 
  4. Let the staff member scan the QR code to accept the return.
  5. Hand the package or item to the staff member, after which they will put it into a polyethylene bag and attach a return label. 
  6. Track your return in Your Orders.

Remember to take your item in the original packaging, as Amazon Hub Counter provides no additional packaging. Moreover, not every item is eligible for a return on an Amazon Hub Counter. Therefore, you must check carefully before initiating a return via Amazon Hub Counter+.

Currently, Amazon disqualifies packages containing hazardous materials or weighing over 20 pounds. Furthermore, packages valued over $5,000 are also flagged as ineligible. 

Find Amazon Lockers Now

Amazon Lockers are your best bet to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience. All you need to do is find Amazon Lockers near you to place an order eligible for pick up. And although Amazon has set up Amazon Hub Counter and Lockers in more than 500 locations in the USA alone, some places are still devoid of this incredible benefit. But if you’re in the lucky 500 regions, it’s time to make the most of this amazing and affordable service. 

So, what are you waiting for? Log in to your Amazon account via desktop or app to locate your nearest Amazon Locker and Amazon Hub Counter. 

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