7 Unusual World Festivals You Aren't Aware of

By Kevin D
7 Unusual World Festivals You Aren't Aware of

The world is full of crazy yet fun-loving people who can squeeze the moments of joy out of anything or everything. Ever thought wrestling with your toe, a tomato fight or an underwater music concert would be a widely celebrated festival? 

No, right?

Some famous and widely celebrated events originated from religious rituals and traditional customs. On the other hand, some of these have stemmed from social media trends or boredom. 

These craziest, messiest yet colorful festivals and events have gathered masses of people from all around the world.

International festivals can give you out-of-the-world experiences and also help you learn new customs and traditions of different countries.

Check out our list of the seven most unusual festivals celebrated worldwide – you might have never heard of them. 

If any of these catches your interest, add them to your bucket list to visit the cities where they happen.

Florida's Underwater Music Festival

For all music enthusiasts and divers, this underwater music festival arranged in Florida is definitely a place to be. Bill Becker is the man behind this exciting event, the music director, founder, and coordinator of UMF. Becker took music and festivals to a whole new level to create awareness for sustaining and preserving coral. 

This bizarre event is celebrated in July at Looe Key Reef and has been running for the past 25 years. The festival welcomes and gathers hundreds of musicians and snorkelers.

Ocean-themed songs and radio playlists of the event houses are pre-selected and streamed live from underwater speakers. In addition, local artists and musician divers play whimsical instruments underneath the water, giving the audience an absolute treat as an experience.

South Korea's Boryeong Mud Festival 

The village of Boryeong, situated 200 km from Seoul, is widely known for its mud cosmetics. It started in 1998 as a marketing event that later became a famous festival inviting millions of visitors each year. 

Even though immersing yourself in mud is a bit messy and gives an odd impression, Boryeong's mud is rich in nutrients and natural minerals with spectacular worldwide skin benefits.

This annual festival runs for ten straight days in July, housing a series of mud activities that will drench you in the mud like mudslides, mud skiing, and mud pools. Not only this, but the event also conducts an array of mud makeovers and massage facilities.

So, gear up for some mud battering at Boryeong Mud Festival!

Thailand's Lopburi Monkey Banquet

Get ready to experience the monkey craziness at Lopburi Monkey Banquet, also popular by the name of Monkey Buffet Festival. The aim of arranging this event was to draw good luck to the area and the people residing there.

The Lopburi province, situated north of Bangkok, prepares a grand feast with 5,000 kilograms of vegetables, fruits, candies, cakes, and sweets that feed around 2000 to 3000 macaque monkeys yearly. 

This festival is celebrated in November, and it was first organized in 1989 by a local businessman who ideated this quirky way of paying gratitude to the monkeys while at the same time bringing in tourism.

Luckily it worked for both monkeys and him! 😉

Austria's World Bodypainting Festival 

Austria's world body painting festival brings in the most outstanding participants from over 50 countries who battle in the competition for awards through their spectacular face and body paintings. 
This isn't your regular face and body painting that you see on birthdays. Instead, the participants in this festival use their bodies and face as a canvas to craft their masterpieces through special makeup effects, UV effects, and many others.

This event occurs in July and provides a platform for all the art lovers to partake in different exhibitions, demos, workshops, and even body circus. 

Body circus is a famous occasion where participants put up the wackiest outfits, masks, and body paintings to display an extremely creative look.

Canada's International Hair Freezing Contest 

The town of Whitehorse, Yukon, conducts an international hair freezing contest yearly. Canada has dedicated this festival to creativity by making the most unique frozen hair sculptures. 

The contestants of this annual competition soak their heads in the water and slowly sculpt icy coiffures upon lifting the cold temperature around them. This weird festival is arranged each year in February, and the contest winners are announced in March.

This festival is definitely the craziest one. Because have you ever imagined stepping out without a head cover to let your hair freeze in extremely harsh weather? Us neither. But it would be worth it to try. 

What do you think?

South Korea's Water Gun Festival 

The water gun festival in South Korea's Sinchon district of Seoul will kick your summer spirits to a new level. This festival was initially arranged to beat the heat, becoming one of the city's most famous summer festivals.
This event is celebrated in the summers, particularly in July, when the participants engage in various water battle activities.

Along with these activities, visitors enjoy an array of special events, which includes street dancing, power-packed music performances, games, and many others, making it the most delightful place to party with your friends and family and knock the hot summer away.

England's Cheese Rolling Festival

Cooper's hills, located in the South West of England, set up a unique competition for chasing a nine-pound cheese roll. Many tourists and locals travel all the way to this place to witness the participants running after the cheese down the hills. 

The first person to reach the finishing lines gets to keep the cheese as their winning prize.

This event takes place in May every year. Initially, the festival aimed to catch the cheese roll before it touched the bottom. However, with time, the rules were modified considering how quickly the cheese paces down, which was difficult and dangerous for the players to chase.


Blown away by these strange festivals? So, which one out of the list goes in your itinerary?

They are an awe-inspiring festival celebrated worldwide, from music events to chasing cheese. But each one is full of fun and has something for everyone to cherish.


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