11 Signs You've Been Neglecting Your Water Intake

By Micheal
11 Signs You've Been Neglecting Your Water Intake

Water is the driving force of nature. 

When Leonardo Di Caprio said this, he did not know where the world would lead towards. 
But did you know: 

  • 60-70% of our body is made of water
  • The brain is made of approximately 80% of water
  • Bones are made of 31% of water
  • Lungs have around 83% water 
  • Men have more water inside their bodies than women

An average human drinks around 60,000 liters of water in life

Given these facts, it’s easy to discern the significance of water in our lives. And yet, now and then, we hear cases of dehydration and of hospitals reporting dehydrating people checking in. 

Dehydration is not a one-step process. Instead, it gradually takes a toll on the human body until it has you in a vice-like grip. Until then, it’s too late except to go for remedial medicines to resume a healthy life. 

However, you can detect early on whether your water intake is proper and within standards.

Since doctors recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily, keeping track might be difficult. You can get preoccupied at work, stuck in traffic, or simply forget to take your water bottle to school. But knowing the signs that lead to water insufficiency can help you regain control. 

This blog covers all the major signs and symptoms. 

Let’s get started. 

Signs You Might be Drinking Less

Dark Color of Urine

One of the earliest signs of reduced intake is dark urine. Normal urine is light yellow to transparent in color. So, when it starts getting darker, it’s time for you to evaluate how many glasses of water you drink in a day. The dark color is the increased toxins flushed out after the kidneys flush them outside their systems. Since they require water to function well, the little water you drink stays until you pee. 

Unexplainable Weight Gain

Being dehydrated contributes to lowered metabolic rates. In turn, it makes you gain weight. Moreover, if you drink water less frequently, it may make you hungry, which also leads to putting on weight. 

Joint Pains

As mentioned at the start of this blog, our bones are made of 31% of water. So, no wonder that lack of water makes your joint ache. The reason why you experience joint pain is that joints have fluid that prevents them from grinding against each other. Therefore, less water intake removes the water in between, due to which joints rub against each other, creating friction and, ultimately, pain.

Dry Mouth/Eyes/Skin

Your mouth, eyes, and skin need moisture in some form or another. For example:

  • The mouth has to produce saliva
  • Eyes have to produce tears
  • The skin has to produce sweat

 With insufficient water, all three become dehydrated, and your body experiences fatigue.  

Less Sweating

This sign is related to the one above. While sweat may seem like an insignificant thing, it holds many benefits. 

Your sweat helps you maintain an optimum body temperature. So, when there isn’t much water, it leads to an imbalance, with a risk of heatstroke. 

Lack of Energy

If you start feeling tired, exhausted, and simply dull without reason, it might be a sign you need something from than a Netflix and chill time. 

Your body works when it has the required water level. This water level works by providing your body the energy to remain productive. So, when you start getting tired, stop working, and take a generous drink of that tall glass of water. 😉

Low Appetite

It might seem complex when you combine two contradictory signs, low appetite, and weight gain. But the fact remains, however mysterious it may seem. 

Mild dehydration can make you feel nauseous, turning you off the food you generally love. You might be inclined to skip a meal because you don’t feel like it. But you’ll find that drinking a glass of water can make your food way more delicious. 

Body Odor

Body odor is one of the worst yet unavoidable signs to encounter. Unfortunately, you might not know it and end up smelling bad enough to make the person standing beside you hold their nose. 

The mechanism of body odor works similarly to the kidneys’ function. Body toxins, much like urine toxins, interact with the bacteria on the skin, producing a strong and unpleasant smell. However, you’ll notice that this bad odor disappears instantly once you start drinking a healthy amount of water. 

Inability to Concentrate

Dehydration is a known cause of delirium, dizziness, and loss of focus. In addition, people who drink less water during the day can find it challenging to concentrate on their work and make blunders they wouldn’t make otherwise. 

Premature Aging

They say you remain as young as you feel. However, this statement goes awry when it’s about your daily water consumption. Here’s why:

Our bodies have a natural aging process. As we grow old, the body starts losing water. To compensate for this loss, we have to drink more water. And when that doesn’t happen, it automatically gears the body towards premature aging. So, you might end up looking like a 40-year-old than someone in their mid-20s. Besides that, it can make the internal organs scream for ‘HELP’ aka, getting damaged. 

Frequent Illnesses

As suggested by kidneys and skin dysfunctions, it’s obvious that you will get ill frequently. With toxins attacking your body from left, right, and center, your immune system becomes home to viruses and bacteria. This can wreak havoc and make your body prone to infections and diseases. 


It takes around three days before dehydration starts kicking in and showing signs. Moreover, staying hydrated isn’t only crucial for adults but for individuals of all ages. At the same time, any type of water won’t do. You have to make sure that the water you’re drinking is:

  • Pure
  • Clean 
  • And Uncontaminated 

You can buy a water purifier or choose a water hydrant company that delivers pure water. After all, health and hydration go hand in hand. 

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