10 Clothing Articles New Parents Must Buy

By Sharon
10 Clothing Articles New Parents Must Buy

There is no feeling that compares to welcoming a newborn baby. And if you’re a first-time parent, the thrill you experience after listening to your unborn child's heartbeat at the doctor’s office is out of this world. 

And yet, regardless of your excitement, here is the clear-as-the-day reality: you might not be as prepared as you think. 
You have things to buy and a baby room to set up – 9 months don’t feel enough. But you can take it one day at a time and get the list of things you must buy in order. 

Clothing articles make it to the top of the list. From the moment the nursing staff hands your baby in your arms to going home, you’ll have to make sure your baby is wrapped up in the right clothes.

Gear Up for the First 6 Months

No doubt, babies grow fast, even more so in the initial six months. So, while you may be inclined toward buying fancy clothes with hefty price tags, they can cause a dent in your budget, especially when your baby outgrows the clothes after wearing them once or twice. 

We suggest investing in somewhat less expensive but comfy clothes. Once your baby starts growing, you can begin to buy fancy clothing to your heart's content. 

Clothes to Buy Beforehand


One of the most common troubles new parents face is changing diapers. Separate tops and bottoms make it challenging and time-consuming to change diapers rapidly. 
Onesies can ease your problems as these come with a snap closure at the bottom. 

Available in short sleeves, long sleeves, and sleeveless, you have the liberty to choose according to the weather and your preference.


Here’s a fun fact: babies tend to sleep between 16-22 hours in the first few months. So, if you’ve been thinking of buying too much daywear clothing, you might be going in the wrong direction. 

Instead, purchase sleepwear for little boys and girls or unisex sleepwear for all. Nighttime baby clothes are perfect for keeping your baby warm and covered all night. Moreover, they have front zippers to change diapers and outfits in one go. 

Burp Cloths

You’ll be amazed by the dirty laundry that keeps piling up. One of those clothing articles is burping cloths to help your bundle of joy burp quickly after being fed. 

It’s best to buy several burp cloths and keep them handy for your peace of mind. Otherwise, you might have to spend a lot of time washing these cloths until the next burping time arrives. 


Many new parents think that bibs and burp cloths are interchangeable. As a result, they invest in one while completely forgetting about the other. However, bibs serve their purpose. Moreover, these cloths come with attachment strings that you can tie around your baby’s neck. 

You can use bibs when they eat, drool, and wipe their nose – something that burp cloths can’t help with, especially since those are free-standing. 

Tops & Bottoms

Let’s be honest. You will have to attend events, get-togethers, and whatnots. And you’ll be taking your baby along with you. So, purchasing a handful of tops and bottoms is always worth it. 

Not only do they make your infant look adorable, but there is a wide variety of vibrant clothes in online baby stores. 


No matter how warm the weather is in your area, outerwear like jackets and blankets are a must-have. 

Outerwear helps your baby adjust to the changing climate and maintain a steady body temperature as they grow. Besides, they make it easy for your baby to move around while keeping them nice, snug, and warm. 


Your bundle of joy will learn to stand on their feet after a while. But it’s no reason to leave them barefoot until that time arrives. 

Therefore, by purchasing shoes, you will help your baby in keeping warm toes and clean soles. 


Socks and shoes are a pair to buy together. You can buy socks that match with comfy, baby-friendly shoes. Many shops also offer matching outfits and socks/shoes collections that you can enjoy picking out online. 


Babies are prone to scratch their faces, rub their eyes, or touch unhygienic places. So, covering their cute little hands with mittens is a good idea. Although these are not necessary clothing articles, and some shops even categorize them as accessories, there is no doubt about the benefits they give. 

Caps and Hats

Just like mittens, caps, and hats come under clothing accessories. But it doesn’t mar their significance. You might even notice that it’s standard practice for nurses to keep a hat on babies at hospitals to keep them warm. However, you don’t have to do that at home.  

Caps and hats are helpful when you plan to go out. And if it’s winter, you can also put a hat on at home.

A few things to consider:

  • Monitor how your baby reacts to wearing caps or hats
  • Remove the accessory immediate if they are fussy
  • Take the hat off if your baby’s face appears red or feels extra warm. 

Tips for Buying Newborn Clothes Online

Even when you have the list ready, it can be a mind-boggling buying experience. But worry not, as we have the tips to help you breathe a sigh of relief. 

  • Always buy one size bigger.
  • Prioritize quality and value for money over expensive clothing
  • Choose machine-wash clothes only
  • Check organic clothing options
  • Look out for deals, discounts, and sales to make the most of your money. 


Frank A. Clark said, “A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it.”

We’ll add this: A baby is born with a need to be wrapped in clothes that they’re meant to outgrow but that hold memories forever.

So, buy the perfect baby clothes to welcome a new being into the world, and shower them with love and blessings. Ultimately, no power on Earth can stop you from having a memorable time together. 

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